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Meet the Maker: Elizabeth Scarlett

Calling all animal lovers (and appreciators of beautiful designs and fabrics) – you need Elizabeth Scarlett on your radar. Founded in 2015 with a mission to promote joyful living while raising funds to protect our planet’s precious wildlife, it’s a favourite of fashion insiders, from Vogue to Stylist. 

Here, Founder Elizabeth takes us backstage through the inspiration and creative process behind the iconic, velvet accessories that came to make her brand so special. Just ask her cult following. 

What was your brainwave moment? 

Since childhood, I’ve loved painting and animals – so building Elizabeth Scarlett was my way of bringing together these shared passions, and ultimately creating something I love doing every day.  

What do you draw upon for inspiration? 

Being a conservationist at heart, my inspiration is deeply rooted in giving back to the natural world.  

What is the creative process behind Elizabeth Scarlett? 

The creative process begins with painting watercolours that are inspired by the natural world around us. These are then translated onto gorgeous-quality fabrics and brought to life with intricate embroidery. This is where you see the magic come to life! 

What makes your products so special? 

As much as we love creating beautiful products, we’re committed to giving back to the animals that inspire our designs. Through our 2% To The Wild initiative, we’re able to donate to animal conservation causes close to our heart. To date we’ve raised £400,000, and we have our hearts set on donating £2 million by 2030.  Who doesn’t love receiving a new, joyful accessory whilst knowing they’re making a positive impact on the world? 

What kind of people love your products? 

People with appreciation for colour, animals and beautiful things! I am so grateful that we have found a community that connects with this vision and shares my love of embroidered accessories.  

Can you explain your ethical story? 

Our story is deeply rooted in mindful and conscious practices. We only collaborate with trusted, certified factories. These are establishments that we regularly audit to guarantee that they exemplify our high standards for both social and environmental practices. 

To further our conscious approach, our production model is intentionally designed to avoid wastage. Each collection is produced in limited, small batches every few months. This strategy ensures we are never overstocked, and no product is left unused or discarded. 

Which setting or place do you find most inspiring? 

I will forever be inspired by Kenya. Not only are the surroundings and wildlife just breath-taking, but it’s also the birthplace of our elephant, giraffe and zebra designs! I’ve been lucky enough to visit a handful of times now and each is as inspiring and magical as the next. 

What are your hopes for the future of the brand?  

To continue our commitment to giving back to the wild. We’re actively looking to evolve our materials, with aspirations to incorporate more organic and recycled materials into our product line. And our goal to raise £2 million by 2030 to aid in wildlife conservation. 

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