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Local Icons: Renu Kashyap, Author of Ibiza Bohemia 

We think Ibiza Bohemia deserves a place on everyone’s coffee table. This collection of photos and quotes is an immersive portrayal of island life that causes you to instantly fall in love with the place (if you weren’t already). Here, we talk to the book’s author, Renu Kashyap, about the inspiration for her work, countryside living and the importance of family time. 

You’re the author of the stunning Ibiza Bohemia (which we adore, by the way). What gave you the idea to create the book? 

Thank you, I’m happy that you like it, it was made with a lot of love. When I came to the island 10 years ago, I noticed that there were only books about the jet-set side of the island. I was missing the other part of Ibiza, the more emotional part. The nature, the people, the spirituality, the sea, the light – Ibiza is famous for its ever-changing light. I felt a longing to capture the island through my eyes, and to archive what is, for me, the most magical place in the world. 

What’s your favourite image from the book? 

One of my favourites is of a couple falling off a wooden sailboat, holding each other tight against their bodies, which are tanned from the sun and muscled from raising the sails (they live on the boat). It represents total freedom to me. 

Renu Kashyap with her book

What do you think makes the people of Ibiza so unique? 

Ibiza has always attracted creative, like-minded people with a young heart, an open mind, and a wild soul. There is a lot of music, which connects people. There is a lot of positivity, not so much complaining or gossiping. Many people do some kind of self-work, with or without plant medicine, but there is some sort of interest in personal growth amongst most of the people I know. I think you can see that there is a collective spiritual mindset, and living together on this small island, it is a community. We like to help each other. 

What do you love best about life on the island? 

The high quality of life. We live in the countryside with chickens, frogs, birds, and I can hear the sheep from my bedroom. Every drive in the car is candy to the eye – we are surrounded by so much beautiful nature. Endless landscapes with blossoming fruit trees. Wherever you live, you are close to the beach. The weather is delicious – 300 days of sun a year. I love my healthy lifestyle. I feel less stress than in the city and go to yoga every day before I start work. And of course, the music, we love to dance! We all have a little wild side in us, and the island has some pretty good parties, especially the secret ones. I feel the island keeps me young. I think it´s the energy, the vibe, a feeling of being free that makes Ibiza so special.  

You recently founded Palomas Libres, can you tell us about your vision for this? 

I worked on Ibiza Bohemia intensively for three years, and after that I wanted to spend more time with my family, especially my daughter who was growing up so fast. Skye was the inspiration for our first Mother & Daughter retreat six years ago – one week staying at our home, Casa Amore, a boutique hotel in the countryside. My partner Liza and I designed a programme for connecting with yourself and your daughter, a magical week to learn to live more from your heart, create unforgettable memories and have real quality time together. We just launched our new spiral lifestyle community Palomas Libres to connect and create spiritual awareness for parents and their children. We’ll also be hosting Mother & Son, Father & Daughter, Father & Son and family retreats in many places like the UK, Marrakech, Tulum, Bali and more. 

Renu Kashyap at home in Ibiza


What makes Ibiza an inspiring place to be a kid? 

Our children grow up on the beach and surrounded by nature, living a life with animals, jumping from the cliffs, learning to dive and sail, enjoying the small things. They can stay children for a bit longer here than elsewhere, I think. Most speak four languages and will have friends living all over the world when they grow up.  

How would you describe Ibiza in three words? 

Bohemian, laidback, endless. 

If we only had time to visit one place on the island, where should we go? 

Formentera by sailboat. 

Who are the women you’re inspired by? 

Jane Goodall, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama. Georgia O´Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Marlene Dumas, Rupi Kaur, Louise Bourgeois, for their art. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Lauren Hutton, Lady Di, Jane Birkin, for their sense of style. And my girlfriends, who are each special and inspiring in their own way. 

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