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Aquarius gift guide: 12 pieces only your most-eccentric friends could pull off 

Happy Aquarius season! Those born between January 20th and February 18th are known for their charming, overt individuality (read: Eccentric) and humanitarian views. Just cut the small talk, Aquarians hate it

Much rather knee-deep in a debate on current affairs or on the frontline of a revolution, Aquarians are some of the most interesting people to buy gifts for. 

Think thoughtful, big and bold to match their character… 

Mindfully made denim for the future thinkers 

Overtly idealistic, Aquarians are conscious of their consumption. Treat them to something they’ll love forever with something from our denim collection. Featuring better-sourced cotton (and production methods that waste 40% less water than others), our pieces are made for an Aquarian’s wardrobe. Choose between our new wide-leg jeans, 70s-inspired flared jeans, a denim midi dress or playful puff-sleeve denim jacket.  

Fuel their free-spirited nature 

Freedom, space and time alone are an Aquarian’s favourite things. Whether they find peace walking through forests or hitting the slopes, we’ve got just the gifts (all designed with more-sustainable fabrics, of course). Take your pick between our padded coat, striped jumper, cashmere scarf or dark sunnies – Aquarians will love them all. 

For the art enthusiasts 

As eccentric as they come, Aquarians are known for being artistic outcasts. Suckers for a fresh piece of art, treat them to a beautiful coffee-table book, pretty painted dinner candles, a boho wall-hanging or a book about the art of repair. 

Feeling inspired? Explore even more wild and wonderful gifts for your Aquarius friends.