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5 ways to celebrate the full moon

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Tonight’s full moon in Capricorn invites us to reset our work/life balance and realign our priorities, or, at the very least, try to have a little more fun. A supermoon, it’s also the closest the moon will get to earth this year. This means it will look bigger and shine 16% brighter than a regular full moon. Take the opportunity to engage in some empowering rituals and make the most of this rare moment. 

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  1. Release those things that no longer serve you. You might like to write these down and burn them, close your eyes and let them go with a long breath out, or burn palo santo and move it around your body. 
  2. Notice which things are bringing you the most happiness and make plans to do more of them.  
  3. Manifest positive changes by writing down your intentions and holding them close for the rest of the month.  
  4. Step outside, sip your favourite drink, and listen to your favourite song in the light of the moon. 
  5. Invite friends over to share these rituals and do the activities you love the most – full moon is the new Friday. 

Sunburst print jumpsuit

And have you tried Palm of Feronia’s moon balm? This fragrant blend of organic evening primrose, arnica and sage helps to balance hormones, ease muscular aches and soothe PMS tension, while grounding vetiver and ylang-ylang promote tranquility and calm. Warm it between your palms, inhale the scent and apply to the temples, wrists, abdomen or breasts. We love having this balm on hand for a soothing self-care ritual, and the full moon is the perfect moment. 

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If you like what you see here, you may want to check out the full Palm of Feronia range. Focused on the ancient principles of aromatherapy and crystal healing, this brand’s organic and sustainable products are a treat for the skin and the soul (not to mention the bathroom shelf). We’re obsessed.