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Top 5 Easy Canapés for New Year’s Eve

Having a New Year’s Eve party? Impress your guests with five easy canapé recipes, created by the experts at Great British Chefs. Featuring delicious meat and vegetarian options, each canapé takes less than an hour to put together and will outshine anything you can buy in a supermarket – now all you need is a glass of fizz.


1. Blue cheese filo bites with pears and pecans



Being able to prep a few canapés ahead of time saves you spending all evening in the kitchen, which is why we love these little pastry tarts. Using a muffin tin, sheets of filo can be shaped into little cups for some crumbled Stilton, cubed pear and pecans, before being baked for fifteen minutes. After that, they just need reheating for a few minutes before you plan to serve them.


2. Crispy chicken canapés


Tossing chunks of chicken thigh in seasoned flour before giving them a bath in buttermilk and a final dredge results in a beautifully crispy, moist and moreish bite-sized canapé from MasterChef’s own Marcus Wareing. They’re easy to present, too – after a quick deep-frying, the chicken is skewered with a wooden stick and placed in a bowl of mustard mayonnaise, for guests to simply pick up and eat.


3. Prunes and Gorgonzola wrapped in pancetta


Share your love for the flavours of Italy with this super speedy take on the classic British dish Devils on Horseback. Blanched prunes are stuffed with little cubes of Gorgonzola, which are then wrapped in pancetta and fried until the cheese melts and the ham is crisp. The walnuts add some welcome crunch and the celery leaves add both colour and flavour to the finished plate.



4. Smoked mackerel pâté on Melba toasts


A quick blitz of the food processor, a few minutes on the hob and some toast is all that’s needed to make these dainty canapés. The smoked mackerel pâté is given some zing with lime juice and pickled ginger, while the cranberry on top adds a festive twist. Melba toast is simply normal toast sliced in half, then given a quick blast under a grill so they curl up into little spoons.


5. Scallop pops


This three-ingredient recipe couldn’t be simpler from Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton. Take the best scallops you can find, wrap them in thin slices of bacon and then fry in oil, before mounting on cocktail sticks for guests to enjoy. You can also replace the scallops with oysters or, if you’re not a fan of seafood, prunes stuffed with mango chutney.


These recipes first appeared on Great British Chefs. Visit for more canapé recipes.