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8 Things Brides Leave Until The Last Minute

Between choosing the flowers and cake tasting, it’s easy to forget about those small – yet crucial – details when planning for your wedding. Need a helping hand? Here are eight things that (almost) every bride leaves until the last minute, plus need-to-know ‘wedmin’ advice from the experts at Revelry Events, winner of the London Wedding Planner of the Year, 2017.


1. Fine-tune the timing for the big day

Image: Mary Anne Weddings 

This is the time to really go through your timeline with a fine tooth comb and make sure you have every key timing covered and that everyone knows what their signals will be. From asking one of your bridesmaids to text the venue manager when you are pulling up in the car, to knowing what the cues will be for speeches and who is introducing who, asking someone to coordinate the confetti moment, and more. People will always need a bit of shepherding, so make sure you delegate to the right people to make sure everything runs smoothly and without awkward silences where no-one knows what they are meant to be doing next!


2. Get those all-important phone numbers

This is something that we usually handle on a couple’s behalf, but if you don’t have a planner or a super-organised, Monica Gellar-Bing-esque maid of honour, make sure everyone has all the important phone numbers for the big day. This includes making sure all your suppliers have contact numbers for the venue, as well as the venue having a contact number for at least one of your bridesmaids (see aforementioned ‘signal system’!). Make sure that  your bridal party all have each other’s numbers too!

Don’t forget to keep a note of your transport companies, including phone numbers for the drivers you have booked to get you and your bridal party from your prep location to the ceremony. Save a local cab company number onto your phone too – just in case!


3. Take a final headcount

Image: Branco Prata

Don’t forget to update your caterer with the final headcount – inevitably, people can change their plans last minute, and you might end up adding new guests on (cousin Pete can make it after all – brilliant), taking some guests off (a uni pal’s ill-timed skiing injury – well done Katy) and new allergies or food intolerances can suddenly crop up. Make sure you give your caterer the final numbers and seating chart at least a few weeks before as not only will they need to order the right amounts, but it will also affect your final bill.


4. Set aside a space for your guest book

Images: Xander & Thea Photography | Ben Moore Wedding Photography

We’d hope by the two-week mark you’d have sorted out the majority of your on-the-day stationery like table numbers, place cards and a table plan (though we’ve learned never to assume anything), but little things like guest books, pens, menus and orders of service do tend to get forgotten until the last minute.


It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of your wedding invitations for your photographer to shoot them. You spent a lot of time, energy and budget on those invites so it’s nice to get a few professional shots of it along with everything else!


5. Get your perfect wedding shots

 Make a list of must-have shots to give to your photographer – that includes groups you want photographed, details you want captured and any key moments you have lined up. If you have a surprise musical performance planned or an outfit change mid-evening, let your photographer know otherwise he or she might miss it!

Always make sure you let your photographer and videographer know about any possible awkward family situations – any divorced parents, new partners or siblings who aren’t speaking. We’ve heard many a horror story about parents who have kicked off because the photographer asked them to pose with an ex, and put a damper on the whole afternoon!


6. Perfect your big-day playlists

One thing that couples always forget to do is have a few playlists lined up for background music. Whether it’s for the time pre-ceremony as guests file in and take their seats, during dinner or in-between band sets, have a few playlists up your sleeve and ensure you have designated someone to be in charge of cuing it up.


7. Plan for the honeymoon

Oh yeah, that holiday you’ve got planned as a reward for all your hard work getting married! You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget about prep for your honeymoon as you enter the final weeks of wedding prep. Start packing a bag, order your currency and buy your travel insurance!


8. Prepare the post-wedding checklist

Image: The Hendrys

Even if you’ve registered for gifts, rest assured there will always be a few rebel guests who wrap something up as a little surprise to leave on the gift table (spoiler alert, it’s usually champagne or a photo frame). Ask your venue ahead of time whether there is anywhere you can leave important items overnight, or until the Monday. If not, ask a friend or family member to take things with them at the end of the night.

Don’t forget about any decor you have at the location too – don’t assume your venue will keep everything just in case, let them know what they can throw away and what you’ll be coming back for later. Most importantly, if you’re getting legally wed on the day, don’t lose that marriage certificate. You would be shocked at how many couples come this close to it ending up in a bin bag at the end of the night along with paper rubbish because they didn’t ask someone to look after it. Nightmare!


Exclusively written by Revelry Events, award-winning UK and destination wedding planners.


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